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Deluxe Exterior Cleanerz offers regular, repeat services, such as washing and cleaning residential windows. We tailor our specially designed Window Care programs to your unique cleaning needs and discount them based on how frequently you need our services. You can develop an effective and affordable residential window cleaning schedule to ensure your home’s windows stay clean year-round. Our program benefits you because our services become more affordable the more frequently you schedule them. You can reach out to us to get more information about our pricing and how to save as much as 25% on regular cleaning. Our two most popular programs for households are interior and exterior window cleaning once every five months, plus exterior window cleanings at two-month intervals. Your individual window cleaning needs may vary due to variables like your pets, children, and how often you cook and entertain in your home.


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Cleaning is our way of helping the people of Summerdale. In all these years of being a professional cleaning company, we have provided various services to clients with very different needs but obtained the same result: a happier and tidier home. Choose our Routine Cleaning for affordable and effective sessions or a Spring Cleaning for a detail-focused service. Also, we provide sanitation services for houses and workplaces and Move-in/Out cleanings for those who are putting a home on the market or changing residence.

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