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Are you frustrated by a messy and aged fence bringing down the look of your backyard? Kick your Foley home's looks up a notch and clean that fence up with a fence washing from Deluxe Exterior Cleanerz!

Fences, like any part of your home's exterior, aren't immune to the elements, and over time they attract algae, mildew, grime, and other nasty messes. A dirty fence can make your yard feel less welcoming and age the appearance of your property overall.

When it's time to get those fences clean, though, don't sweat it! The fence washing services of Deluxe Exterior Cleanerz are perfect for giving your fence a fresh new face!
Wood & Vinyl Fence Cleaning

The heat and humidity we experience most of the year in Foley make algae and mildew a common problem for homeowners. These nasty nuisances can grow on your fences, making big ugly stains.

If left long enough, these can cause permanent stains and even eat away at your fencing. Add on some bugs, dirt, grass clippings, and some of the other messes you’d find out in your yard, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for one messy fence!

An Ideal Solution

Pressure washing is usually a little too intense of a method to use when cleaning softwood and vinyl surfaces, and fence washing is no exception! To ensure that we get your fences nice and clean without hurting them, we opt for the gentle soft washing method. Our detergent gently- but thoroughly- breaks down scum, slime, and grime to restore your fence’s original look and color.

We understand that people often worry about their lawn or landscaping being affected during a fence washing. We use biodegradable detergents, and we take care to prep and cover surrounding plant life to ensure it gets minimal exposure to the chemicals. With our cautionary measures and gentle cleaning, we leave our customers with spotless fences and pristine lawns!

Deluxe Exterior Cleanerz hopes to be your first choice the next time you need excellent soft washing or pressure washing in Foley. If you think our fence washing services may be right for your property, give us a call. We’d be glad to have one of our technicians offer you a free consultation and quote for the job. We can’t wait to help make your fence fantastic again!

Soft Washing Restoration Services

Your fence is only one part of your backyard environment. Many homes have a deck used as a relaxing gathering spot for family and friends. If time and the elements have taken their toll on your deck, that spot may not be so relaxing anymore. Don’t worry – we’d be glad to reinvigorate your deck!

Our deck washing and restoration services have helped many homeowners refresh their tired old decks. We soft wash stains, algae and mold growth, and other contaminants out of your deck and coat it with a weatherproof sealant that keeps your boards looking good and well-protected against the elements. With summer on its way, don’t wait to refresh your deck!

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