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Sidewalk Cleaning

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Sidewalk Cleaning Professional in Foley

Say no to sidewalk stains around your Foley property- when you need to make your sidewalks look brand-new, our sidewalk cleaning services are sure to help you! Deluxe Exterior Cleanerz is here to turn back time on dirty sidewalks with our precise and efficient pressure washing. Sidewalks, like any concrete surface, tend to absorb and hold on to a lot of stains. Decaying plant matter, algae, mold, ground-in dirt- it doesn't take much to make your once-bright sidewalks look murky and messy.

This can cause more serious issues as well: unchecked algae and mold growth can make your sidewalk slippery and unsafe. Plus, bacteria, pollen, and mold spores may gather on the sidewalk, latching onto your shoes as you walk over them and getting tracked into your home. Our sidewalk cleaning takes a twofold approach- the high-powered stream scours out stains and pollution by force, and our strong biodegradable detergents break down the staining substances and kill bacteria, algae, and mold, as well as their spores, keeping these nuisances from coming back anytime soon!

Like just about any exterior cleaning service, sidewalk cleaning is most effective when done about once every 6-12 months. So the next time spring cleaning rolls around, or you’re thinking about having your driveway washed, don’t forget to include sidewalk cleaning in your agenda! The Foley pressure washing experts at Deluxe Exterior Cleaners will be glad to help!

Pressure Washing Walkways

Sidewalk cleaning is a priority service for many of our commercial clients. Sidewalk damage and slipping hazards are legal liabilities, and a dirty walkway can make an otherwise appealing storefront look gross and unmaintained.

Unwashed walkways, therefore, are both an aesthetic and a safety issue for your business. As a provider of commercial pressure washing services, we are prepared to take on larger pressure washing projects- so no matter how many walkways you have around your commercial property, we are prepared to take on the job. Don’t let a dirty walkway affect your business. Let us clean it up for you!

Deck Restoration

Concrete stains on your sidewalks are bad enough as it is, but staining and weathering on a wood or composite deck have led many homeowners to consider ripping up the boards and starting over. Before you make any heavy renovations to your deck, though, let us take a shot at it first.

We offer deck washing and restoration services that may be able to breathe new life into a tired deck without the need for heavy repairs. Rather than heavy pressure washing, which can warp or splinter the already-weathered deck, we carefully soft wash stains and grime out of your boards safely.

Once our cleaning process is finished, we reseal your deck with a weatherproof sealant that gives your deck extra protection against the elements, as well as improves the look and color of your deck.

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